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The Crow Remake Loses Jason Momoa and Director Corin Hardy

ThatFilm Jun 01


The remake of The Crow simply cannot reach a clear stage. The long gestation of the favorite magazine adaptation has been stuck in development hell for years. Every World Health Organization actor Jason Momoa had formally signed because the title character, and director Corin Hardy, had left the project.

The actor and film producer formally withdrew from the project this morning. It is believed that Sony was preparing to abandon the film as its worldwide distributor, however this has not been officially created. The basis of the film is claimed to be about inventive and monetary variations with the Prophet Hadida of Davis Films, the World Health Organization holds the underlying rights and golf was shot up cash for comic renewal.

The Crow was ready to start work in the next 5 weeks, with the team travelling to Budapest. The project was already in pre-production, and Corin Hardy was ready. Sony has control of the worldwide distribution rights. and that he had already announced that by the 2019 launch date.

Those involved, who were ready, say the deal never closed, and that Hadida’s inability to urge action was a concern for Sony, the World Health Organization, had one foot out of the door.

The remake of The Crows was to be a heavily inflated adaptation of James O’Barr’s original graphic novel. The title was already successful and became a movie in 1994, however it became famous for the death on the set of the star Brandon Lee. Some people think this next remake has some kind of curse on it. This marks the second time Corin Hardy has rescued the project.

Relativity Media had signed a contract with Corin Hardy to direct The Crow. Moreover, the company faced a series of inventive and monetary problems that caused the producer of the film to run out of money. Highland Film cluster became the next home of the project, and Hardy was currently back in the picture, now broadcasting Jason Momoa in conjunction with him. At the moment, it is not clear what will happen with the remake, and it is quite likely that it will not happen. Source DeadLine.

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