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Powerful poster with Jason Momoa and the classic suit

ThatFilm Oct 11

A new poster for the comic action movie & # 39; Aquaman & # 39; arrives. Jason Momoa counts on his main character in the lead. Give life to one of the main characters of La Liga de la Justicia.

We offer you a new poster from the movie “Aquaman & # 39 ;,” in which his protagonist, Jason Momoa, appears in the lead role of the expected comic adaptation. Within one of the main axes of the story directed by James Wan.

The plot of the film is presented as follows: from the hand of Warner Bros. Pictures and director James Wan arrives “Aquaman”, an action-packed adventure that encompasses the gigantic and surprising underwater world of the seven seas.

The film plays Jason Momoa in the title role and tells the story of the origins of Arthur Curry, half man and half Atlantier, who will undertake the journey of his life. This adventure will not only force him to confront who he really is, but also to discover whether he is worthy to fulfill his destiny: to be king.

The character of Aquaman is part of the cast of the band La Liga de La Justicia & # 39 ;. One of the most important exponents of the DC film universe. And perhaps one of the references to trying to revive the group franchise in a somewhat uncertain future.

Poster of the movie Aquaman

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