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New group poster with Disney production

ThatFilm Oct 11

A new poster for the fantasy film & # 39; The nutcracker and the four kingdoms & # 39; arrives. A poster with his main characters in one of the most important bets of Disney for the 2018 season. Especially for the Christmas season.

We have released a new poster for the fantasy film & # 39; The nutcracker and the four kingdoms & # 39 ;. Taking into account the main cast within one of the Disney productions that is believed to have the greatest impact for the current season. A new and careful adjustment of the study that best influences family cinema with classical successes. As it has been for decades and especially in recent years with titles such as & # 39; Maleficent & # 39; or & # 39; Beauty and the Beast & # 39; showed.

Now counting on a powerful main cast in which names like Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley or Mackenzie Foy appear.

Remember that the film had prompted filmmaker Joe Johnston to resume the filming process and complete some of the changes made by the study.

Poster for the film The nutcracker and the four kingdoms

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