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& Pirates of the Caribbean & # 39 ;: Johnny Depp will never be Captain Jack Sparrow again – Film News

ThatFilm Oct 27

Disney prepares a & # 39; reboot & # 39; for the franchise that is not the protagonist of the previous titles. Will we see Orlando Bloom as the leader of the saga?

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It is no secret that Disney has in mind to continue the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with a new reboot & # 39 ;. The information that has not been known up to now refers to whether the original protagonists of the legend would reappear in future films and, unfortunately, It seems that Johnny Depp will never play Captain Jack Sparrow again.

The actor of Eduardo Scissorhands he has played the same character up to five times. The first one Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003; and the last, in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's revenge in 2017. As the writer Stuart Beattie explained to DailyMailTV, the interpreter has the time to focus on his legal battle, because Disney is planning to restructure the entire saga and refrain from future adventures.

I think it has come a long way. It is clear that he has made that character of him and has become the most famous character he has done. All children around the world appreciate him as that character, so I think it was great for him, it was great for us, so I'm very, very happy with it

“Jack Sparrow will be his legacy. He is the only character he has played five times, he is the character he has decked out to visit children in hospitals, he will remember that.“Depp fans will have to be content to continue seeing Gellert Grindelwald at Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald on November 16. This film has also received a lot of criticism to keep the actor on staff after he was reported for assault on his ex -woman Amber Heard, a case that has not yet been closed.

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