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He was again in charge of the American cash register last week

ThatFilm Oct 28

The movie & # 39; Venom & # 39; managed to regain the first position in the box office ranking in the United States during the weekend of October 12th. Great data for the production with Tom Hardy as a protagonist.

The action and adventure film & # 39; Venom & # 39; stayed top of the top box office in the United States on the weekend of October 12, 2018, thanks to the impressive $ 46 million. Adding a total of $ 153 million collected in two weeks.

& # 39; A Star Was Born & # 39; was again in second place with $ 40.9 million and a total of $ 107 million in two weeks.

& # 39; First Man & # 39; premiered in the United States and occupied third place in the top box with $ 21.4 million.

& # 39; Nightmares 2 & # 39; stayed in fourth place with 19 million dollars. Also in his premiere in theaters in the United States.

& # 39; Smallfoot & # 39; went to fifth place in the box office ranking in the United States with $ 11.4 million. And a total of $ 59.7 million.

& # 39; School for Failures & # 39; stayed sixth in the box office ranking of the United States. With $ 10.1 million in part and a total of $ 61.9 million.

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