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He leads the film premieres on October 26, 2018

ThatFilm Oct 26

Films arrive in the weekend of October 26, 2018. Now with quite a few fantasy and horror titles. Such as for example “Halloween Night”, to count on actress Jamie Lee Curtis in his return to the famous sage.

The Halloween Night movie is now coming to our screens. Actor Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the popular legend: Jamie Lee Curtis returns to his iconic character Laurie Strode, who arrives at the last confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who haunted her since he escaped the murder he did Halloween night four decades ago. The new episode of “Halloween” will be the direct sequel to the original 1978. John Carpenter (maker of the original) becomes executive producer.

& # 39; Nightmares 2 Halloween Night & # 39; now comes to our screens: Halloween night comes to life in this new adventure comedy based on the series of books written by R.L. Stine, which has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide.

The plot & # 39; Who to you you & # 39; is one of the most striking premieres of October 26, 2018: Lilac Cassen (Najwa Nimri) was the most successful Spanish singer of the nineties until mysteriously disappeared from one day to the next. Ten years later, Lila prepares her triumphant return on stage, but shortly before the expected date she loses her memory after an accident. Violeta (Eva Llorach) is dominated by her conflicting daughter Marta (Natalia de Molina). Every night she escapes her reality by doing the only thing that makes her happy: imitating Lila Cassen in the karaoke where she works. One day Violeta receives a fascinating proposal: to learn Lila Cassen to be Lilac Cassen again.

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