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First & # 39; teaser & # 39; from the first film by Dwayne Johnson for Netflix – Film News

ThatFilm Oct 09

The story & # 39; John Henry and the statesmen & # 39; will be the first to stream the actor on the video platform & # 39; presents.

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Dwayne Johnson overcomes the last remaining limit to be reached, Netflix.

The wrestler of WWE turned into an actor is one of the most lucrative and successful of the moment. Projects such as Jumanji 2, San Andrés, Hercules or Fast & Furious, are just some of the projects that the actor has been part of in recent years, and now he has just confirmed one of the following: John Henry and the statesmen.

This film will allow Roca to meet again with Jake Kasdan, director of Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. This story will be produced by Johnson himself and will follow the story of Henry, a very famous African American hero in the United States, someone who would have worked in the construction of railways in the mountains in the west.

A legend that has inspired the actor's life since he was a child, this is one of the heroes of his children. That is why in the statement published on Instagram by Johnson, it makes clear that his story is one of dignity, strength, perseverance and cultural pride, something that was introduced into his DNA at a young age.

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