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Dwayne Johnson says the Black Adam is part of the DCEU’s “Reconfiguration”.

ThatFilm Jul 11


Fans are curious to see what comes next about the changes to be made, the extended universe of DC Films, related to the very fact of the change of some stars and the entry of future franchise stars.

Dwayne Johnson, who recently announced that he would play Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, for a solo film to develop the character. As he explained to the choice, the script of Black Adam is being worked on to a large extent, as a result of the film he tries to adapt at intervals to the wider DCEU landscape.

“Black Adam is coming.” Johnson commented, “The script is forthcoming. I’m very happy about that. It is a project for which you clearly want to need your time.

“I assume it’s totally exciting to work with DC, as a result of a little rejuvenation.” Johnson continues. “A reconfiguration is taking place. The macro map of the DC universe is being researched. And look at Maine that the guys are operating diligently in DC and Warner Bros too, operating terribly close to our producers too, to see how Black Adam is deployed at intervals in the universe. But yes. I mean, I’m excited about it.

Seeing as Johnson has been solid in the role for quite some time now, quite a few fans might also be very excited to see his official debut. And with previous rumors hinting that he won’t appear in Shazam! or the Second Suicide Squad, it looks like this solo trip might also be the right choice.

Johnson has gone into an astonishing amount of detail about Black Adam’s position, suggesting beforehand that the film could start shooting at the top of next year’s top. And as Johnson has become enthusiastic, he’s probably not the only character needed for DC Comics at intervals within the movie show.

“Without revealing anything, there could also be perhaps one or two of DC’s opposing superheroes,” Johnson said during a very recent interview. “We’ll see about that. That has been the attraction of Black Adam, since we have a penchant for developing it, is that we are able to produce a film that simply stopped on its own as well, yet that is allure of this universes that are soon to come to DC.

Future DC Extended Universe films include Aquaman, Shazam 2019, and Wonder Woman 2, 2019.

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