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Wonder Woman 2 Director Achieves Record High Increase

ThatFilm May 10

Patty Jenkins is receiving a large sum for her work on Wonder Woman 2. The board of directors was an important part of the success of Wonder Woman and Warner Bros. is doing everything he can to get her back from the beginning as director. But Jenkins negotiated a deal on a par with other directors, namely top male directors, who have Hollywood authority. At least, she was successful as she is willing to make $9 million for her work in the next installment.

The negotiation took time, but Patty Jenkins closed the Wonder Woman deal on August 2 last year. Which is why Warner Bros. Jenkins had already made the decision to take the lead. A new unforme reveals that some Hollywood elites who are working on their most ambitious projects, Jenkins is earning three times what he earned for the first Wonder Woman.

This business makes Patty Jenkins the highest paid director in history. Later, this record was held by Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give), who at the time earned 5 million dollars per film. Jenkins has reportedly earned $1 million for his work at Wonder Woman. and with the success he had at the box office, he was likely to be given a strong bonus, which is why this new ad reports that he earned three times what he had previously earned, and that he was paid nine times his initial contract, which is incredible.

Last year, Patty Jenkins shared the responsibility she felt in negotiating this charge for Wonder Woman 2. Historically, men have earned much more than women in Hollywood movies, and Jenkins felt able to negotiate change. This was more about changing an ideology than winning a big check.

“Women who have not been in a system that allows them to accumulate the same level of remuneration as men cannot receive the same salary as men forever, if that is the way it continues. I knew when Charlize had to do it in Snow White and the Hunter, and I felt it was my job to do it here.

As for what he will present in Wonder Woman 2, the film will be set in the 80s and will see place at the end of the Cold War era and Gal Gadot take the role of DC’s favorite heroine. So this film will be a pre-Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League event. Kristen Wiig has been chosen as an antagonist in the role of Cheetah. Warner Bros. has a release date of November 1, 2019. We hope the film raises the same amount of money as the first Wonder Woman made, the Salary paid to Patty Jenkins will have been well spent. This news comes to us courtesy of Variety.


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